Mosquito Control Services

Austin’s most affordable and truly local residential mosquito control service.

Mosquito Control Services

Austin’s best, most affordable residential mosquito control service.

While there is indeed an art and a science to getting rid of your annoying yard guests, we like to keep things simple. Here’s what the MosquitoTex team is going to do when we show up to treat your yard.


A trained technician will conduct a comprehensive walk-through of your yard to identify the problem areas that need to be treated.


Using a high-velocity backpack sprayer, the technician treats foliage and other known mosquito harborage areas around your homestead. This produces a barrier that will continue killing mosquitoes and other yard pests for the next three weeks.


We’ll always leave a door hanger to ensure you know a MosquitoTex team member was on site to provide service, and also share any trouble spots that may need your attention.


We return 21 days later to provide your next barrier treatment. It is strongly recommended you engage in ongoing treatments throughout the mosquito season in order to effectively disrupt the mosquito life-cycle and generate a long-term reduction in your mosquito population.

Austin’s most affordable residential mosquito control service

We only charge $74 per yard spraying treatment for most homesteads. For larger yards or ones with significantly more foliage that needs to be treated, you will be bumped to the next tier and only pay $84 per yard spraying. MosquitoTex will inform you of your payment tier prior to your first service and upon initial inspection of your yard. Upon request, MosquitoTex also provides mid-cycle re-sprays for a nominal charge to help boost the effectiveness of your most recent treatment.

(MosquitoTex currently services southwest Austin and surrounding areas, including the following zip codes: 78739, 78738, 78737, 78745, 78746, 78748, 78749, 78733, 78734, 78735, 78736, 78704.)

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