About Us

It’s time to take back your homestead and get outdoors again.

About Us

It’s time to take back your homestead and get outdoors again.

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MosquitoTex is Austin’s only homegrown residential mosquito control service.

Built from the ground up right here in the Lone Star State’s capital city, we’re your only truly local solution for getting rid of your truly annoying mosquitoes.

One of our core goals is to help make your war against mosquitoes affordable.

Being able to get outside and enjoy your yard or patio without succumbing to the nuisance of mosquitoes shouldn’t mean your family budget has to take a major hit. That’s why MosquitoTex aims to provide a simple, effective and, importantly, affordable mosquito control service so families can take back their homesteads and get outdoors again. Our service runs $74 per treatment for most yards—with a complimentary side of respect and genuine customer service.

One more thing on the cost part. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, they also present a health risk to you and your family. The increased threat of mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika or West Nile virus only adds to the concerns of neighbors and parents who understandably don’t want their kids exposed to such bothersome and dangerous pests. By making residential mosquito control more affordable and accessible to a larger number of Austinites, together we’re able to generate a broader, more positive impact on community-wide mosquito abatement.

This is good for Austin. This is good for you. Let’s do this!
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At MosquitoTex we like to keep things simple.

  • No binding contracts.
  • No gimmicky offers with hidden costs.
  • Just straightforward, good ol’ fashion yard spraying performed by a friendly MosquitoTex technician.
We help you say adios to mosquitoes once and for all.